On this day: Will Bruin became Major League Soccer's newest hat trick hero

Will Bruin - Dynamo hat trick - 2011

In many respects, nine years is not much time. In MLS, it can sometimes feel like an eternity.

Consider what was true in MLS nine years ago today:

  • Geoff Cameron was still an MLS defender.
  • Ben Olsen had less than a full season of coaching D.C. United under his belt
  • Will Bruin was on pace to score the most hat tricks in league history.

Yes that's right, it was on April 29, 2011 that Bruin announced himself to the rest of MLS with a hat trick in the Houston Dynamo's 4-1 win over D.C. United.

The goals were just the second, third and fourth of the then-rookie's career. And the aftermath of the first goal — in which Bruin unveiled his "Dancing Bear" celebration — has lived on in club folklore.

Despite evolving into a reliable — if unspectacular — offensive weapon as a starter or sub in MLS, Bruin has never again hit the net three times in a league game.

Had he continued on the pace he had set seven games into his pro career, he would currently have 35 hat tricks, good for the MLS record at ... checks notes ... 29 more hat tricks than the current record holder, Josef Martinez.