David Beckham's Miami MLS expansion project drops futuristic hint of potential stadium plans

Rendering of Miami Beckham United's potential stadium design

Last month, David Beckham and his MLS Miami ownership group showcased their plans for the club’s stadium in the Overtown district of Miami in a town-hall meeting. On Thursday, the Miami Herald was able to get more details about those plans, including a rendering of what the stadium could look like.

Based on the conceptual image, the roof is made of a mesh-like material providing some shelter for spectators, while the pitch would be exposed to elements and the sun. It's an ambitious, futuristic-looking stadium that was initially planned for the prospective club's targeted site in the Little Havana neighborhood, a proposition which was subsequently turned down.

According to Beckham's partner, Tim Leiweke, the stadium plans could fit in two blocks in their current Overtown proposal. 

The Herald reports that it is unclear what will need to change in the new targeted location and quotes a lobbyist of Beckham, Neisen Kasdin, who emphasized that the concept is still a work in progress. 

"It was the initial design," Kasdin said. The document itself notes that "the above-referenced rendering is only for demonstrative purposes and not indicative of any plans for this particular site."

Still, the image suggests that Beckham & Co. have very ambitious ideas in mind for the prospective MLS expansion club.