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Create your team in the new-look MLS Fantasy for a chance at $2,000

2018 MLS Fantasy Primary

What’s better than a brand new MLS Fantasy season?

How about two MLS Fantasy seasons! 

As we launch the 2018 version of MLS Fantasy, we’re happy to announce that the game will be split into a spring season and a fall season. The spring season is just around the corner: starting March 3 and running until July 29, a few days before the 2018 MLS All-Star Game presented by Target.

After that, the fall season fires up and runs for the final 17 weeks of the season.

Sound enticing? The initial setup only takes a few minutes -- let’s quickly walk through the process for setting up an MLS Fantasy team.

Setting Up Your Team

To set up a team, head to our new-look site at and hit the Play Now button to get started.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to the initial team set-up page. Your task: construct a 15-man roster using your allotted $100 million in salary. 

Create your team in the new-look MLS Fantasy for a chance at $2,000 -

MLS Fantasy

You can shift your formation, if you wish -- anything from a defense-minded 5-4-1 to an attack-heavy 4-3-3 is allowed. To make substitutions or change your formation, simply click the red/green circle and make your change. Once you’ve settled on your players, select a captain and click Save Team to lock it in.

Congrats! Your squad is ready for Week 1!

Create your team

Joining A League

Now that you’ve got your squad, it’s time to join a league. Upon signing up, you’ll be automatically entered into two public leagues: the overall competition and a team-specific public league.

In addition to these starter leagues, you can create five private leagues and join unlimited public and private leagues. New to 2018, private leagues now offer a message board functionality so you can talk smack amongst your fellow league members.

New Feature: Rolling Transfers/Substitutions

Experienced fantasy managers can relate to this feeling: you set your roster and spend big on a star player like Sebastian Giovinco, only to find out 45 minutes before kick-off that he’s no longer in the 18. All of the sudden, you’re stuck with a zero.

Frustrating, right?

In the 2018 version of the game, you’ll have a chance to make rolling transfers up until that player’s game kicks off. No more hard-and-firm transfer deadline! So if you find out Giovinco’s not ready for that Sunday night kickoff, you can hop into the game and swap him for Jozy Altidore.

In addition to rolling transfers, players can also be substituted from your existing roster up until each player’s respective kickoff. Taken together, these changes add an unprecedented level of control to fantasy managers. 

Prize Information

The winner of each season will earn $2,000. Winners of the supporters’ leagues in both the spring and fall seasons will receive a $200 gift card.

For complete contest rules and eligibility requirements, head to to the Prizes page.

App Update

MLS Fantasy is not currently included in the official MLS app but that will change soon. MLS Fantasy will be built into the MLS app later this Spring and will offer players a field view in addition to other updates.

Start playing!