COLUMBUS – The Portland Timbers’ famous victory log has finally found its way to Columbus, after a team of four drivers drove it non-stop across the country, starting Thursday morning.

But Crew SC have made it clear that the log will not make its way into the stadium, with recently updated stadium rules now forbidding both chainsaws and “logs of any wooden variety.” The log is unlikely to be found at the stadium site ahead of Sunday’s MLS Cup final, according to Timber Joey, the famous team mascot known for slicing off a piece of the log after every Timbers home goal.

And that’s the way it should be, says Columbus forward Kei Kamara.

“Not allowed. You cannot bring a log into MAPFRE Stadium,” he told reporters in the leadup to the game. “That’s our house. … You don’t want to bring a big log like that and have to take it all the way back home with you."

Columbus are the home team of course, and it would certainly be a jarring sight to see the log anywhere other than the Timbers’ home confines at Providence Park. Defender Liam Ridgewell, for one, would have loved to see it at MAPFRE Stadium on Sunday.

“It's great. I think it's one part of what makes the Timbers what they are,” Ridgewell told reporters on Saturday. “It's a shame that it can't be in the stadium, but it is what it is. It's good everyone could see it leaving Portland and arriving today. Hopefully we can cut a few logs off it and make it a special one.”

Ridgewell and his family even captured a photo of themselves on the log once it arrived:

As far as the duration of the weekend is concerned, the log will make an appearance at the Timbers Army party on Saturday evening, but plans for Sunday are yet to be determined. According to Timber Joey – who brought his chainsaw with him on the team’s cross-country charter, the log must remain chained to the truck it arrived on.

One thing is for sure, though – with one of their most iconic symbols in tow, Portland supporters will be in their typically festive spirit.

“Everyone who makes the trip travels to see us, all season they've been fantastic,” said Ridgewell. “They've helped us get to where we are. Everyone's sacrificed to get here and support us on, so hopefully we can win it for them and raise the trophy over by them.”