Bob Bradley gives first EPL presser, revisits US national team firing

Bob Bradley didn’t exactly shy away from sharing his feelings on his departure from the US national team during his introductory press conference at Swansea City on Friday.

After being told by a reporter that US manager Jurgen Klinsmann was complimentary of him in the wake of his move to Swans, Bradley spoke out about US Soccer’s decision to fire him in 2011. The newly minted English Premier League manager had some words for his USMNT successor, too.

“From the day I was fired from the US, I did not say one bad thing publicly about their team,” he said. “I don’t appreciate the way it was done. I think they made a mistake. I’m glad Jurgen says some nice things now. When he did commentary on the 2010 World Cup, he was already jockeying for my job.

“I’ve shut my mouth, continued to support the team, because I want to see the team do well. Michael [Bradley] is the captain. If he said something in a nice way, I appreciate it. And if at some point he chooses to try to work again outside the US, I wish him the best.”  

Bradley also discussed his status as the first American to manage a Premier League team, vowing to speak "for 30 seconds" before moving on to other topics.

"With football in the United States, we've always understood we have to earn respect. And when I was with the national team, every time we get a chance to play in Europe, the players and I would understand, 'Today's one more day where we can show what the game is like in our country.'

"And so if in some way [my appointment] helps, I'm proud of what I've been able to do, so if that helps some people down the road...but if this bit about 'pioneer' and all the rest, I'm not an American manager, I'm a football manager."

As for the profile of Swansea City in the US, Bradley admitted his appointment would increase interest in the Welsh club across the Atlantic, "I think that part still has a plus to it. Swansea City Football Club has gained a bunch of supporters this week."

Bradley also discussed his progression to get to the Swansea job, from leaving the Egyptian national team head coaching position to seeking a job in Europe, while also considering some job offers in MLS, before getting a chance with Norwegian club Stabaek.

You can read more of Bradley’s introductory press conference on and watch it above.