Andrew Farrell learns about dessert from New England Revolution teammates

THUMB ONLY - Jalil Anibaba - Andrew Farrell - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for traditional foods, but one family's beloved treat may be completely alien to another.

Enter the New England Revolution.

In the process of filming a Thanksgiving video with defenders Michael Mancienne, Jalil Anibaba and Andrew Farrell, it was revealed that Farrell was not aware of what custard is.

November 22, 2018

A bewildered Anibaba tried to explain the concept of the dessert item to Farrell, while Mancienne gave knowing looks to the camera, appeared to get his phone out to provide explanation (professional athletes, they're just like us!) and at one point declared Farrell must be feigning ignorance.

The whole group was so shook they even broke the fourth wall and a producer off camera also tried to explain custard to Farrell, who continued to eat the non-custard food items on his plate as they filled him in.

To be fair, the English Mancienne, who brought up the whole custard discussion in the first place, has probably had far more custard than the average American, something you'll likely note if you watch the various British cooking shows out these days. But...what is a common ingredient in Boston creme pies? You guessed it, custard. Maybe a good idea for the Revs to get Farrell that instead of a cake for his next birthday.