Adam Buksa is getting frustrated answering questions about being frustrated

Adam Buksa doesn’t want to be frustrated. But the New England Revolution forward is becoming frustrated when asked if he’s frustrated about coming off the bench or not scoring.

The Polish striker scored for the first time since a season-opening win over Chicago Fire FC on Sunday, making the most of his seven-minute substitute appearance.

It was the first time this year the Designated Player wasn’t in the Revs starting XI.

But he wasn’t frustrated.

“I don’t know why, but you really want to make me frustrated. I don’t know why,” Buksa said after scoring the late winner against Columbus SC. “Believe me, I’m not frustrated. I’m just one of 25 players on the team and everybody deserves to play. Doesn’t mean I have to play every game 90 minutes. I want to, but I don’t think it’s that obvious for everyone from the coaching staff, because they also have their own ideas and they’re responsible for that. I have accept it and respect it. Coming back to your question, no, I didn’t feel frustrated.”

Buksa also doesn’t feel frustrated when he’s not scoring, explaining there’s more to his role than putting the ball in the net. He had six goals in 23 appearances in his first season in New England a year ago. 

“I have to tell you that soccer is not only about scoring. Even if I’m a number nine, it’s not only about scoring. If I don’t score in a game, it doesn’t mean that I played bad,” Buksa said. “And if I score, it doesn’t mean that I’ve done everything well in the game. That’s what I wanted to [say], because sometimes I get criticized for not scoring even though I had a feeling I’m playing a good game. Obviously, it’s always good to score. I’m very happy today to have a scored a goal, but it’s a part of the game and I’m not only responsible for scoring. I’m also responsible for creating. I have some defensive [responsibilities] in our team and to hold up the ball. Many things to do. I’m definitely not getting frustrated when I don’t score a goal because it’s not all about that.”

So what does bug Buksa? Other than questions from reporters about frustration? 

“I would be angry if I didn’t play, because it would mean I’m doing something wrong,” Buksa said. “But I’ve played in all the games and I’m pretty sure I’m doing a good job.”