Historic reimagined Leagues Cup starting in 2023

In a monumental new chapter for North American soccer, beginning in 2023, all of the clubs from MLS and Liga MX will compete in a completely reimagined Leagues Cup: an annual, month-long tournament.

Regular season play pauses

  • Both MLS and Liga MX will pause their respective seasons for one month during the summer to play Leagues Cup.
  • All MLS clubs will participate
  • All Liga MX clubs will participate

Tournament officially sanctioned by Concacaf

  • Leagues Cup 2023 will be an official competition of the Concacaf Champions League (CCL)
  • The tournament champion will earn automatic qualification to the CCL Round of 16
  • Clubs finishing second and third in Leagues Cup will qualify for the CCL Opening Round
leagues cup - 2023 tournament and CCL

Growing partnership

Leagues Cup 2023 is the latest and most ambitious step in the growing partnership between MLS and Liga MX to further elevate the special rivalry, sport and the confederation. Leagues Cup 2023 will make history as the first major soccer tournament to feature every club from a pair of top-flight leagues.

Leagues Cup 2023 is part of the evolution of the successful partnership between MLS and Liga MX that launched in 2018. The fusion is rooted in on-field rivalry but connected by a true spirit of collaboration off the field, with a focus on sharing best practices, growing the beautiful game in North America, and being a force for positive change in the communities of both leagues.