MLS Mock SuperDraft 2024: Predicting who teams pick in Round 1


The MLS SuperDraft 2024 presented by adidas might be full of surprises on Tuesday (3 pm ET | MLS Season Pass).

With the eligible player pool expanding, teams can now draft sophomores and above. That means decision-makers can scout deep, pick a player, and decide whether or not they should play collegiately in 2024 or try and earn an MLS roster spot this January.

Like past seasons, talented players can come in and make an impact – provided there’s a good fit. There is still an opportunity here to identify and bring talent into the first team (or even slide them down to MLS NEXT Pro to further develop).

From pick No. 1 to No. 29, here’s how the SuperDraft’s first round could play out.

NOTE: This story has been updated with Generation adidas signings.

Kimani Stewart-Baynes (Winger, Maryland - GA)

A talented Canadian with upside? Toronto FC, assuming they keep the pick, shouldn’t think too long about this one.

Stephen Annor Gyamfi (Forward, Virginia - GA)

Another member of the Generation adidas class, Annor’s upside could be slightly higher than Stewart-Baynes. He was dominant at times as a freshman, and while he will still need to develop, he profiles as an impact player in MLS.

Logan Farrington (Forward, Oregon State)

Seen as another top prospect, Farrington would be an enticing addition for Inter Miami as a depth option.

Femi Awodesu (Center back, Penn State)

With four first-round picks, the Rapids are a real wild card and could shop picks. There’s a chance to grab one player from each position here, and Awodesu is among the most talented center backs available.

Jacob Murrell (Forward, Georgetown)

Murrell is among the top prospects available. Only a sophomore, he’ll still need to develop, but could be a big hit leading the line for Austin. There’s a chance he could return to school for his junior year.

Jason Shokalook (Forward, Akron)

The Big East Offensive Player of the Year led the line for the Zips and can score in a variety of ways. He’d offer an intriguing profile for the Fire in the attacking third.

Nate Jones (Center back, Washington)

Jones is a left-footed defender who can physically compete right away, coming from a Washington program that produces quality professional center backs.

Ousmane Sylla (Center midfielder, Clemson)

The Clemson stalwart is a likely top-10 pick after wrapping up his senior season with a second national championship in three seasons. Sylla will need to carve out a clear position and show he can influence the game on both sides of the ball.

Tyrese Spicer (Forward, Lipscomb)

Another attacker who had a breakout season in 2023, Spicer finished with 14 goals in 16 games. If he can adjust and stay healthy, there’s every reason to believe he can add an option to Minnesota in the final third.

Hugo Bacharach (Center back, Indiana)

One of the international X-factors, Bacharach is a quality center back who can play as a defensive midfielder. CF Montréal might eagerly shop this pick.

Kevin Bonilla (Right back, Portland)

Portland’s notes on Bonilla should be extensive, considering he excelled the past few seasons for the nearby Pilots. The right back was the WCC Defensive Player of the Year, anchoring the program’s success over the past two years.

Bryan Dowd (Goalkeeper, Notre Dame)

With only one goalkeeper on the Rapids' roster, adding Dowd here would bolster the ranks. While Colorado's academy has a couple of prospects looking to break through, the Notre Dame standout is the best option available in his spot.

Jamar Ricketts (Left back, Cal State Northridge)

A dynamic and talented outside back, Ricketts should be able to keep up with the pace of MLS right away. Teams looking for options at left back would do well to consider the Big West prospect.

Alec Hughes (Forward, Massachusetts)

A 6-foot-4 forward, Hughes has the athleticism that could have him in the mix for a Duncan McGuire-esque season. With his profile, there's an opportunity to impact the Red Bulls early.

Bryce Boneau (Center midfielder, Notre Dame)

Gritty and tough, Boneau is a box-to-box midfielder who adds to both sides of the ball. He’s a North Texas native whom the club should have a solid level of familiarity with, and had an excellent fall season for the Irish.

Matthew Bell (Winger, Marshall)

RSL have made a point to supplement their first-team roster via the draft. Bell dropping here could be something of a coup, as the attacker’s reputation is certainly substantial.

Hosei Kijima (Center midfielder, Wake Forest)

A deep-lying midfielder who has the kind of bite, physicality and quality to land on an MLS roster, Kijima’s status as an international is something to watch here. But Nashville could use the reinforcements centrally, and Kijima brings that kind of upside.

Marcus Caldeira (Forward, West Virginia)

With two picks in the teens and not a lot of room, RSL could go in a draft-and-stash direction. Caldeira is a 6-foot-2 forward who led West Virginia to the College Cup.

Patrick McDonald (Center midfielder, Indiana)

Talented and versatile, McDonald will have the option to return for his senior season, as he’s only a junior. He played primarily as a central midfielder, but profiles as a Cristian Roldan-type where he could potentially fill several positions.

Joel Sangwa (Center back/right back, Akron)

A junior college transfer, Sangwa’s been solid and steady for Akron for the past two seasons. He’s a slightly undersized center back who projects as a potential right back.

Jefferson Amaya (Defensive midfielder, High Point)

Colorado are another team that could use a first-round pick to stash a player in college. Regardless, Amaya is a high-quality central midfielder who could continue to develop into a top prospect.

Joey Maher (Center back, Indiana)

Similar to Washington, Indiana’s history of developing defenders for MLS is noteworthy. The younger brother of Nashville's Jack Maher, Joey is the second of his siblings looking to land in the league.

Josh Jones (Center back, Louisville)

In a draft deep with central defenders, Seattle could go several ways to seek depth at that position. Jones is a 6-foot-5 center back who is very talented, but will need to show he can adjust and handle the pace and speed of the game.

Wyatt Meyer (Center back, California)

See the above note on central defenders. Meyer would be the seventh player from that spot to be drafted in the first round. He’s one of the left-footed domestic players teams will target on Tuesday.

Tucker Lepley (Center midfielder, UCLA)

A central midfielder who oozes ability on the ball, Lepley will need to show he can facilitate and create against bigger, stronger and faster opponents. He had a great fall season at UCLA and will look to hit the ground running wherever he lands.

Kalani Kossa-Rienzi (Center midfielder, Washington)

While Kossa-Rienzi didn’t have quite the same performance as he did in 2022, he was part of Washington’s remarkable success the two seasons prior. He’s a tough, physical player who can look to compete for minutes as defensive midfield depth on a Houston team without many holes.

Malik Henry (Right back, Akron)

The dynamic and explosive right back is something of a sleeper heading into the draft. He’s a player FC Cincinnati could take a flier on, with the hopes he can add to the backline.

Bailey Sparks (Center midfielder, SMU)

A sensational junior season elevated Sparks’ profile, as he nabbed American Athletic Conference Midfielder of the Year honors. His numbers don’t jump off the page, but he’s a talented, industrious player who could boost LAFC’s depth in midfield.

Grayson Doody (Right back, UCLA)

There aren’t glaring holds on the Crew’s roster. Doody brings the kind of profile that could earn him a spot on Columbus’ roster and provide depth at right back, which is a perfectly fine outcome at this point in the draft.