Could Thierry Henry leave CF Montréal? Plus will Chicharito bounce back in 2021? | Extratime

Thierry Henry to Bournemouth? The guys ponder the latest rumors around CF Montréal’s manager. Could the Championship be in his future? What can Henry show with Montréal if he stays in MLS? Plus, why Wiebe says Chicharito ought to get a pass for a nightmarish 2020 and it’s time to play free-agent matchmaker, break down potential destinations for Frankie Amaya and imagine better times in the Mailbag.


Time Segment
5:11 Thierry Henry to Bournemouth? Does it make sense? 
17:17 One potential coaching replacement if Henry leaves
20:16 Can CF Montréal build on their 2020 season?
24:20 Should Chicharito get a pass for nightmarish 2020?
33:31 Predicting Chicharito’s goal total for 2021…
36:26 Free Agent matchmaker
47:07 Breaking down the Frankie Amaya trade rumors
56:38 Why hasn’t the USL to MLS pathway happened more
1:00:58 Mailbag



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