emls - 2021 - Power Rankings 2

New York City FC take top spot as eMLS League Series One nears | eMLS Power Rankings

With the 2021 eMLS season underway, all eyes soon turn to eMLS League Series One presented by Coca-Cola when teams compete January 16-17.

But first there's some shuffling in the eMLS Power Rankings, particularly with rivals New York City FC and New York Red Bulls jostling for the top spot. Meanwhile, expansion side Austin FC are off to a red-hot start.

Power Rankings are voted on by eMLS staff, reflecting gamers' performance both in eMLS events and on the wider pro-FIFA circuit.


1. NYC_Chris

Previous rank: #2 (+1 spot)

NYC_Chris currently sits atop the eMLS League Series One standings after the first two days of qualifiers and has the largest goal differential (+18) after eight matches. He's not only performing well in eMLS, but also in the Global Series circuit. This past week he competed in the NA Qualifiers 1 on PS4 as one of the top six players in North America, losing in the semifinals.


2. G_Adamou

Previous rank: #1 (-1 spot)

G_Adamou, a former eMLS Cup Champion, is the only undefeated player left and has allowed the fewest goals against. He also competed last week in the NA Qualifiers 1 on PS4 as one of the top six players in North America, losing to eventual winner Joksan.


3. xbLeU

Previous rank: #12 (+9 spots)

xbLeU makes a big jump in the power rankings, and deservedly so. Austin FC's representative set the pace for qualifiers by winning all of his matches the first night. The winning streak came to an end during the second night of qualifiers, but he'll look to stay near the top of the table this week.


4. KingCJ0

Previous rank: #10 (+6 spots)

KingCJ0, who is currently ranked second in the qualifier standings, moves up six spots. He seems to be in the zone in this online format, having lost only one match thus far.


5. IMCF_Pabs

Previous rank: #18 (+13 spots)

IMCF_Pabs is one of the biggest pleasant surprises of the season. Inter Miami's inaugural eMLS player has made an incredible jump after starring in the first two nights of qualifiers. He's come out of the gates swinging and is tied for the most goals in qualifiers with 29 through eight games.


6. Alekzandur

Previous rank: #4 (-2 spots)

Alekzandur takes a slight drop, mostly because he carries high expectations and is currently ranked eighth in the qualifier standings. He's right on the edge of making the weekend broadcast, so he'll be looking to secure his spot this week.


7. Godfather

Previous rank: #8 (+1 spot)

Godfather, an old reliable in eMLS, continues to perform. He's currently ranked seventh in the qualifier standings, justifying his No. 7 ranking in our Power Rankings.


8. FCC Fiddle

Previous rank: #3 (-5 spots)

It was a disappointing first two nights of qualifiers for FCC Fiddle. He feeds off a crowd and performs well in live-event environments, having won both live eMLS events in 2020. Perhaps this online format will cause challenges, as he's currently ranked 19th in the qualifier standings. But he's also proven himself in FIFA 21 by competing as a top-six Xbox player in North America.


9. cisseSZN

Previous rank: #15 (+6 spots)

It's a healthy jump for cisseSZN, who had a great first night of qualifiers and then cooled off in the second night. He'll be looking to chase his brother, KingCJ0 of DC United, who is currently ranked second in the League Series One standings. Not afraid to go forward, cisseSZN is tied with the most goals scored with 29 after eight games.


10. AlanAvi

Previous rank: #8 (-2 spots)

AlanAvi suffers a slight drop in rankings as he gets re-acquainted with the competitive level of eMLS and representing FC Dallas after taking 2020 off. Currently ranked 10th in the League Series 1 standings, he's trying to enter the top eight.


11. RemiMartinn

Previous Rank: #7 (-4 spots)

RemiMartinn only lost one game last week, putting him in a great spot to crack the top eight. LAFC's rep needs to make up some ground, though, so the job isn't yet done.


12. PhilB94

Previous rank: #5 (-7 spots)

It's surely not the start that PhilB94 wanted, but he's currently only two points out of the top eight. He'll be looking for some Ws this week to climb the standings.


13. Skill Shack

Previous rank: #20 (+7 spots)

Skill Shack had a disappointing first night of qualifiers, but came surging back the next night winning all four of his matches. His eMLS teammate at the Whitecaps, Exraa, just claimed the first Xbox title in North America by winning the North America Qualifiers 1 in the FIFA 21 Global Series. Skill Shack will be looking to make his own name this eMLS season.


14. Doolsta

Previous rank: #11 (-3 spots)

Doolsta, the 2019 eMLS treble winner, is still finding his footing and will be looking to string together some wins to make the top eight.


15. Kid M3mito

Previous rank: #6 (-9 spots)

Kid M3mito, the first eMLS Cup champion back in 2018, is looking to bring some hardware to his new club. The debut hasn't gone as planned, since he currently sits in 15th place in the LS1 standings. We know he's got the skills after competing in the Global Series North America Qualifiers 1 as a top-six Xbox player in North America.


16. Gonzo

Previous rank: #25 (+9 spots)

A nice jump for Gonzo as he looks to improve upon his performance in 2020. He had a much better day two of qualifiers last week and will try to keep up the momentum.



Previous rank: #14 (-3 spots)

Hasib, as the inaugural player for St. Louis City SC, will look to string together some wins in hopes of making the top eight. Currently only four points back, it's definitely possible.


18. Adrian

Previous rank: #27 (+9 spots)

A relative unknown, Adrian has made his mark and climbed nine spots in the Power Rankings. He'll need to do a bit more, however, to reach the top eight.

MTL 19. mehdibob

Previous rank: #21 (+2 spots)

Ten points through eight matches isn't necessarily a bad return for mehdibob, but cracking the top eight will prove difficult. He's been hot-and-cold.


20. RCTID_Thiago

Previous rank: #13 (-7 spots)

Good enough to make it to quarterfinals multiple times in years past, RCTID_Thiago will be looking to improve on his performance.


21. BENR

Previous rank: #17 (-4 spots)

It's BENR, and he'll be looking to make improvements in this new environment. With a minus-22 goal differential, BENR is facing a rough introduction.


22. Maloney

Previous rank: #16 (-6 spots)

Maloney is in his rookie year, leading to some early growing pains. The early 1-3-3 record reflects exactly that.


23. tokyorift

Previous rank: #22 (-1 spot)

Minnesota United representative tokyorift is learning the ropes as a rookie. He has 10 goals scored, one of the lowest eMLS totals.


24. JKO

Previous rank: #23 (-1 spot)

It's a rough start for New England's JKO, who won one of eight games and is currently 24th in the league standings. He only has a minus-five goal differential, reflecting how tight the margin can be at times in eMLS.


25. JordyReyes

Previous rank: #19 (-6 spots)

JordyReyes finds himself in his rookie year and has big shoes to fill with Kid M3mito joining Chicago. He won just one of eight games, allowing over two goals per match.


26. Enzo

Previous rank: #26 (no change)

Enzo had a lot of difficulty getting any offense going, scoring just two goals through eight games. Enzo will be looking to put some more in net this week.


27. Crew96Skamzz

Previous Rank: #24 (-3 spots)

With a minus-36 goal differential, Crew96Skamzz has faced tough sledding. He's one of two players to have lost all eight games, creating a massive uphill climb.