Gareth Bale - Real Madrid - running upfield
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Lalas: Why Inter Miami would be the best fit for Real Madrid star Gareth Bale

Real Madrid star Gareth Bale has made clear that he’d be interested in a move to Major League Soccer, but where exactly would he fit?

Alexi Lalas addressed that very topic during the latest episode of his State of the Union Podcast, and quickly arrived at Inter Miami CF as a likely destination. The exact reason might surprise you, though, and taps into Bale’s love for golf.

“While I’m a little bit making fun of the golf part of it, we know that it’s a huge, huge part of his life,” Lalas said. “He loves to golf, and the ability to make a good chunk of money in a place that certainly he and his family would be very happy, and for him to be able to train and then play golf on a daily basis, I think that would be incredibly attractive to him.”

Lalas' remarks come as Bale previously highlighted Los Angeles as an American city he’s long enjoyed. The Wales international and four-time UEFA Champions League winner said as much during a recent episode of the The Hat-Trick presented by ICC, a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Charlie Stillitano, Ray Hudson and Neil Barnett.

“I think it’s a league that’s on the up and still rising,” Bale said of MLS. “I think a lot more players want to come over to America now and play. I’d definitely be interested in it. I love going to Los Angeles on holiday and stuff like that.”

Wherever Bale would land in MLS, a star of that magnitude would transform a club’s entire dynamic. He might even develop a go-to spot for playing a round of 18 holes.

“He’s going to be able to play golf for the rest of his life no matter what,” Lalas said, “but I still feel that this type of setting for someone like him in particular really looks like something that could happen.”