eMLS - 2020 - power rankings - Jan 8

FC Cincinnati's Fiddle stays top, but lots of movement ahead of eMLS Cup | eMLS Power Rankings pres. by PS4

MLSsoccer.com will be tracking the progress of all eMLS gamers around each eMLS event throughout the year. Following League Series Two presented by Coca Cola and PlayStation on Feb. 14-15, we re-visit the Power Rankings presented by PS4 and see where things stand ahead of eMLS Cup in Austin on March 21. This time around, there's no change at the No. 1 spot for obvious reasons, but there's been a huge shakeup in the places below.

Rankings are voted on by eMLS staff, reflecting gamers' performance both in eMLS events and on the wider pro FIFA circuit, with blurbs written by MLSsoccer.com's eMLS correspondent, Jake Barford.


1. Fiddle (Gordon Thornsberry)

Last Week: #1 (no change)

No surprises here. After winning eMLS League Series Two, Fiddle is on pace to duplicate what Doolsta did last season by winning all three trophies. Fiddle will go into eMLS Cup next month in Austin as the No. 1 seed with a great chance at the eMLS treble and there is no reason to bet against him.


2. Paulo Neto

Last Week: #6 (up 4)

Paulo Neto had the best overall tournament of any player in League Series Two, which is why he jumps up to No. 2 in the rankings. Unfortunately, the final game did not play out in his favor after he lost to Fiddle. The youngest player in the tournament will be one of the favorites going into eMLS Cup.


T-3. RemiMartinn (Martin Oregel)

Last Week: #7 (up 4)

In one of the most dramatic games of the tournament in League Series Two, LAFC’s pro RemiMartinn lost yet again to Fiddle in the semifinal. Although he couldn’t come through with the trophy, he did win the first ever live eMLS El Trafico matchup against the Godfather of LA Galaxy in the quarterfinals.


T-3. Didychrislito (Christopher Holly)

Last Week: #2 (down 1)

Chris drops one spot in the Power Rankings after yet another loss to Fiddle in the knockout rounds. The former eChampions League winner is one of the league's best in tournaments outside of eMLS, but he is still searching for his first title in eMLS and will be looking to do so in Austin next month at eMLS Cup.


5. Godfather (Giuseppe Guastella)

Last Week: #8 (up 3)

Godfather lost more than just the cup on Saturday in Portland — El Trafico now belongs to LAFC on the virtual pitch and RemiMartinn will have all the bragging rights until their next matchup. The good news for him is that he rebounded to make the live stream in League Series Two and will be going into eMLS Cup as the No. 6 seed with a great chance to make a run.


6. PhilB94 (Phil Balke)

Last Week: #9 (up 3)

PhilB94 made his return to the stage this past weekend at League Series Two, only to lose out to the Brazilian sensation, Paulo Neto. Phil has always been one of the most consistent players in eMLS and will no doubt be a tough matchup for anyone that plays him at eMLS Cup.


7. exraa (Alex Gonzalez-Aldana)

Last Week: #3 (down 4)

Exraa had a tough day in the regular season, as he barely missed out on making the League Series Two live stream. Even with that bad day, he sits at the fourth spot overall in the eMLS table going into eMLS Cup. We will find out whether or not he can bounce back from Portland and perhaps go deep into the tournament in Austin.


8. Adamou (George Adamou)

Last Week: #4 (down 4)

Yet another face that we saw in the live stream at League Series One in Philadelphia that we did not see in the live stream in Portland. Adamou drops to the eighth spot in the Power Rankings and sits at No. 8 overall in eMLS. With only four points separating him from fourth, the field is wide open for him to make a run.


9. Doolsta (Cormac Dooley)

Last Week: #5 (down 4)

One of the biggest surprises of League Series Two was not seeing Doolsta’s face in the live stream for the first time since he joined the league. A terrible regular season saw him well out of contention for the final stage and his performance almost cost him on a top 11 spot for eMLS Cup. One can only assume that a player of his caliber will find a way to make changes and turn it around next month in Austin.


10. RCTID Thiago (Edgar Guerrero)

Last Week: #11 (up 1)

The hometown man himself played very well in Portland as he tried to defend his home turf. Home-field advantage has always seemed to be very important in eMLS, and that remained the same for him as he managed to make a run all the way to the semifinals. It was also enough for him to secure the final automatic berth to eMLS Cup next month.


11. Alekzandur (Alexander Betancourt)

Last Week: #10 (down 1)

Alekzandur missed out out on the livestream again in League Series Two, but with decent performances across both regular seasons, he has wrapped up the No. 9 seed going into eMLS Cup.


12. BITW18 II (Enrique Espinoza)

Last Week: #16 (up 4)

One of the most surprising performances of this past weekend saw the Chicago Fire FC man make the knockout stages only to lose to the host, Thiago, on a last second goal in the quarterfinals. Still, BITW18 ll currently sits outside the top 11 which means he replicate his heroics in Portland to qualify for eMLS Cup through the Last Chance Bracket.


13. KingCJ0 (Mohamed Diop)

Last Week: #12 (down 1)

The past weekend was a very frustrating one for KingCJ0 of D.C. United. He was unable to make the live stream yet again and had a lot of bad luck in his regular season games. Still, he is one of the favorites to secure the 12th spot in eMLS Cup in the Last Chance Bracket.


14. Kid M3mito (Guillermo Trevino)

Last Week: #13 (down 1)

Things have continued to go downhill this season for the man that lifted the eMLS Cup just a few years ago. Kid M3mito had a very promising start to the regular season this past weekend, but again could not pull through and missed the live stream for the second time this season. Now, he'll have to win the Last Chance Bracket to make a third straight eMLS Cup appearance.


15. Gonzo (Brandan Gonzales)

Last Week: #14 (down 1)

An 18th place finish at League Series Two was a disappointing result after getting close to the live stream in LS1. The Colorado native, playing for his hometown club, has a lot of work to do to defy the odds and claim the No. 12 spot for eMLS Cup.


16. FIFA Abe (Abe Valbuena)

Last Week: #15 (down 1)

FIFA Abe moves one spot down in the rankings after a 15th-place finish in Portland. Abe is among the many standout players in 2019 that were able to do big things, but have struggled this year due to the new format and competitors.


17. mehdibob3 (Mehdi Benghalem)

Last Week: #22 (up 5)

Although a 13th-place finish for Mehdibob is not ideal, it a vast improvement from his performance at League Series One. If he can continue to improve like this and get used to the competition in eMLS than there is no doubt he could be someone that claims the final spot in eMLS Cup.


18. Young - H (Hector Valenzuela)

Last Week: #21 (up 3)

This past weekend was a quiet one for the man who is looking to do big things in the first season in eMLS for Austin FC as he went 3-5-4. Not much was expected of him this year coming into the league, but he has a great chance to prove people wrong and show out in his hometown in the Last Chance Bracket.


19. TheMarsBars (Nick Mars)

Last Week: #18 (down 1)

From a 14th-place finish at League Series One to a 20th-place finish at League Series Two. The second-year Seattle man is trending downwards and going into the biggest competition of the eMLS calendar next month.


20. CaliSCG (Alan Ortega)

Last Week: #19 (down 1)

It was far from a good day for CaliSCG during the regular season this past weekend and some poor results put him at the 22nd spot overall on the weekend. Things weren’t all bad, though, as he managed a draw against the back-to-back champion Fiddle, but he has a lot of work to do moving forward if he wants to sneak through to eMLS Cup at the 12th spot.


21. Crew96Skamzz (Graham Ellix)

Last Week: #20 (down 1)

Ellix had another rough tournament, winning just two games on the day, leaving him No. 20 in the overall eMLS table and an underdog heading into eMLS Cup in March.


22. i9ibbs (Ihab Abualneel)

Last Week: #23 (up 1)

Another rough tournament for the man that took over for AlanAvi at FC Dallas this past season. Seven losses on the week puts him far down in the table going into the final tournament next month.


23. JKO (John Oliveira)

Last Week: #17 (down 6)

Dropping from 17 to 23 in the power rankings, JKO was among 3 competitors that did not win a single game in the regular season of League Series Two. It was a tough weekend and could be an even tougher one next month if he can’t manage to turn things around.


24. Jay Adams

Last Week: #24 (no change)

Jay Adams struggled yet again in Portland and remains at the 24th spot in the Power Rankings as well as the overall eMLS standings. He needs a miracle to qualify for the 12th spot next month, but crazier things have happened before in eMLS.


25. JAYTRAIN (Jay Ajayi)

Last Week: #25 (no change)

Another tough weekend for the Super Bowl champion-turned-pro gamer. Jay Ajayi could find himself as the only player in eMLS history to not win or draw a single game if he doesn’t turn things around next month in Austin.