The Call Up - 2020 - episode 2

The Call Up: Jen McCarty shares a glimpse into the MLS wife life

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¡Bienvenidos a MLS, Chicharito! In this episode, Susannah and Jill explain why Javier Hernandez’s arrival in L.A. is a win for everyone. Carlos Vela has changed up his look, but are the ladies here for it? Also, puppy content alert!! Plus, ultimate girl-crush Jen McCarty keeps it 100 on life with Dax, why she almost didn’t give him a second date, and pulls back the curtain on what it’s really like to be an MLS wife. ¡¡Que caliente!!

  • Chicharito on MLS — 00:00–01:39
  • Kobe the soccer fan — 01:42–03:01
  • FIFA 20 ELEAGUE — 03:05–04:30
  • Chicharito nicknames — 06:15–07:00
  • Julian Gressel's big move — 07:01–08:02
  • Nashville SC — 08:10–9:30
  • Here For This: Aaron Hernandez, Carlos Vela and the ATLUTD puppy — 09:45–15:35
  • Jen McCarty on moving, her career and why it's so important and her first date with Dax: 15:47–37:05
  • Twitter questions — 39:34–40:43
  • What's on tap/see ya! — 40:44–42:30


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