Extratime: Dax McCarty takes you through his MLS career

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Extratime driven by Continental is back for 2020! Your New Year begins with MLS story time featuring Dax McCarty of Nashville SC. Dax goes deep with Andrew Wiebe on Bradenton’s '87 Class (Freddy Adu, Michael Bradley & more), Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez stories at the Red Bulls, getting chewed out by Oscar Pareja in Dallas and how Jesse Marsch changed the Red Bulls from star power to high pressure.

Time Segment
3:01 Dax McCarty's MLS story time!
7:59 Bradenton's Class of '87: Legend of Freddy Adu and Michael Bradley
18:03 Getting chewed out by Oscar Pareja and making a name at FC Dallas
27:12 Expansion Draft by the Timbers... Traded to D.C. United then the Red Bulls
33:15 Social media, burner accounts and doubt: MLS players and the media
39:15 Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez stories in New York
46:35 How Jesse Marsch made the Red Bulls a pressing juggernaut + trade fallout
53:31 How many years does Dax have left? How much has MLS changed?



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