Waston channels Homer Simpson in celebration of Cincy's first MLS home goal

Kendall Waston made history on Sunday afternoon, scoring FC Cincinnati's first home goal in their MLS history, and he picked a classic meme to celebrate with. 

Well, his son did, at least. 

After netting his set-piece header, the first goal in a 3-0 Cincy win over the Portland Timbers, FCC's towering Costa Rican center back hit the deck at Nippert Stadium and spun in circles on his side, a fairly silly-looking routine made world-famous by cartoon icon Homer Simpson decades ago. 

So is Waston a superfan of "The Simpsons"? FOX's Katie Witham asked him postgame, and got the story behind the celly (watch video above). Here's the original for reference; did Waston do Homer justice? 

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