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Game day in Seattle starts with a bang. The Sounders’ pep band, Sound Wave, entertains fans in the park next to CenturyLink Field as fans pregame for that day’s match. They can also pay a visit to THE NINETY, where they can see the MLS Cup among the other Sounders trophies that are on display, plus other pieces of Sounders history.

Sound Wave during a pregame performance | photo by Kendall Rock

As game time approaches, the fans start their March to the Match, a tradition that dates back over 10 years. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome, and the most faithful of the Sounders fans lead the parade behind a massive banner. Fans swing scarves and flags, and are led in songs and chants to get fired up for the game. As they get closer, they only get louder. It’ll get even casual fans pumped full of Sounders energy. There’s no better way to enter a stadium.

March to the match | photo by Kendall Rock

Scarves up! | photo by Kendall Rock

As the horde of fans gets closer to the stadium and kickoff approaches, the atmosphere builds. Once at the stadium, there’s plenty of photo opportunities with the signs outside before it’s time to load up on food and drinks for the game.

There’s nothing like the Sounders kickoff ritual. The 'Boom, Boom, Clap' is an incredible orchestration of a stadium full of fans acting as one. To a dramatic background sound track, fans perform a synchronized, slow chant that features their arms raised in silence punctuated by claps and chants. It creates an incredible effect that shakes the entire stadium and lets the players know it’s game time.

Boom, Boom, Clap! | photo by Kendall Rock

The Emerald City Supporters section is the focus of the stadium. Watching the game among the club’s most faithful fans is a captivating experience. The section is a sea of spinning scarves and flags, accompanied by non-stop cheers, chants and songs. And of course, this section lights up even more with Sounders victory. Overall, it’s definitely something every sort of soccer fan wants to be a part of.

Supporters section cheers and sings non-stop | photo by Kendall Rock

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