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Torrential rains can’t stop D.C. United fans. They came out in droves for the game hosted at Audi Field against the rival New York Red Bulls in late July.

And it’s a good thing they did, because the Red Bulls fans who made the trip down made sure to make their presence known. In the end, though, the home team’s supporters drowned out the visitors.

Audi Field is D.C. United's new home | photo by Matthew David Stith

Diehard fans in ponchos and raincoats waited out the rain delay in the concourse, where they fed off each other’s energy and got ready for the main event. During the wait, they had tons of choices for food and beverages. Among the regular stadium fare, like nachos and chicken fingers, is the papusa stall. It’s easily the most popular spot for food at Audi Field, it’s authentic, and owned by a family who runs a very successful restaurant with similar options in the surrounding city. Even the visiting fans were lined up to get a taste.

Eagle Bank Club | photo by Matthew David Stith

A popular spot for Premium D.C. United Members is the Eagle Bank Club. This is an exclusive area that offers food and beverage options created specifically for the stadium by chef José Andrés. There’s also a huge full service bar, that helped the time go by. Attached to the Eagle Bank Club are some of the best seats in the house. They were especially popular for the big game against the Red Bulls, as they’re under an overhang that shielded fans from the rain. Even Talon, D.C. United’s bald eagle mascot, hangs out there.

Fans waiting for the storm to pass | photo by Matthew David Stith

Once the players took the field, the fans brought the game to life. They organized chants and cheers that quickly eclipsed the day’s slow start. They take a ton of pride in the fact that their club is an original team, and were giving it their best effort against their rivals.

D.C. United supporters groups show up and cheer in the rain or shine. | photo by Matthew David Stith

In the end, The Red Bulls came out on top 1-0. Bradley Wright-Phillips scored for the Red Bulls, making it his 100th career goal. He immediately pulled off his jersey to reveal a custom jersey bearing the number 100 for the occasion.

Win or lose, rain or shine, Audi Field is packed with D.C. United supporters.

Audi Field | photo by Matthew David Stith

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