Tim Howard -- not letting in an own goal -- vs. DC United
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Man Utd's Rashford: Tim Howard was early idol at Old Trafford

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford gets paid to put he ball in the net, not to make saves in his own goal.

But there was a time, Rashford says, when he idolized the Red Devils' then-goalkeeper – a guy named Tim Howard – and wanted to be just like him.

Speaking to his old youth club, the 20-year-old England international also said that he's willing and able to fill in between the sticks at Old Trafford if he's ever needed there.

"My first season, I went in net," he said. "The thrill of scoring a goal, you get that same thrill when you save a good chance," he said. "Tim Howard was my idol. I used to have a little Tim Howard shirt. You watch, there'll be a game… I'm going to get the gloves one day!"

Howard, the United States' longtime No. 1 and now the Colorado Rapids' captain, played for Man Utd. from 2003-07.

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