Sounders celebrate a win on Mar. 19, 2017
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Catch up on the best of MLS Week Three -- in limerick form

Trying to stave off the Monday blues by catching up on Week Three? You could check up on our thorough report of everything you might have missed.... But, if poetry's your bag, you could also read these limericks below. (You can also click on the match recaps below to get the stats and details, too.)

NYC 1, MTL 1

Sat., Mar. 18 (match recap)

Yankee Stadium was filled with snow
Pushed aside, with nowhere to go
Piled in the dugout
Like Yankees who pout
Like chances they contrived to blow

Just before the half-time break came
Wallace scored the first of the game
No sign of Pirlo
Just where did he go?
City’s built on more than mere fame

But let’s not focus on the cold
Or midfield battles of old
This game’s for the young
And serious fun
Here fortune favors the bold

Speaking of which, there’s Oduro
Versus a D soft as Play-Doh
He slots past Johnson
Whose clean sheet is done
He settles for a draw though


ATL 4, CHI 0

Sat., Mar. 18 (match recap)

Atlanta scores early again
One day they will knock in 10
Fire player sent off
J. Kappelhof
Their next goal’s a matter of when

Chicago’s not having a ball
They’ve barely touched it all
When rarely they do
Their ideas are few
Their playing, it casts a pall    


VAN 0, TOR 2

Sat., Mar. 18 (match recap)

Vanney with strange rotation
Causing fan consternation
Alex N. Bono
Starts from the get-go
Why now, pre-FIFA vacation?

Van’s first shot came late in the game
An effort predictably tame
One Brek red later
Amped up the danger
Lost two-nil, now how to blame?


DC 0, CLB 2

Sat., Mar. 18 (match recap)

Three games into this season
I’m getting a strong feelin’
That D.C. won’t score
Now or ever more
What could be the reason?


ORL 2, PHI 1

Sat., Mar. 18 (match recap)

Bonus haiku time...

Ricardo Kaká
He’s not so direly missed
By Orlando’s team


DAL 2, NE 1

Sat., Mar. 18 (match recap)

They trigger my heart attack
By staging another comeback
Two from Urruti
Very good, ain’t he?
Any chill, Dallas does lack

SKC 2, SJ 1

Sat., Mar. 18  (match recap)

Is San Jose worse by the week?
The season debut was their peak
The dreaded own goal
Cometh before their fall
Answers, they continue to seek

Bonus haiku time...
Only David Bingham
Celebrates with a howler
His call-up by Bruce

COL 2, MIN 2

Sat., Mar. 18 (match recap)

For once the Loons had a lead
But warnings they didn’t heed
Lasted just seconds
Then a goal: Hairston’s
But a draw’s progress indeed


RSL 1, LA 2

Sat., Mar. 18 (match recap)

Everyone’s hurt in LA
But the team continues to play
They just would not fold
Scored two goals all told
When fit, they’ll make the league pay


POR 4, HOU 2

Sat., Mar. 18 (match recap)

Turns out a handball’s an elbow
File as: The more that you know
Two early PKs
Then Adi sashays
Through backlines, Timbers will blow


SEA 3, NY 1

Sun., Mar. 19 (match recap)

We’re joined here to remember
The stalwart Red Bulls member
Salvatore Zizzo
Poorly did he go
Jones made him spin forever