FC Cincinnati vs. New York Red Bulls II, August 28, 2016
Image via twitter.com/NYRBII

RIP Harambe: Meme rolls on at NYRBII vs. FC Cincinnati USL game

At one point, at the beginning of the news cycle, Harambe was a gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo, after a four-year-old fell into his enclosure. That was then, however. Harambe, the IRL gorilla, died on May 28. Three months later, though, the concept of "Harambe" has become an entirely new entity online, divorced from reality and catapulted into a new universe of absurdism.

If you have no idea what any of this means, um, here's one primer on the Harambe meme. (It also bears a big mention that the meme has gotten way out of hand, many times, even forcing the zoo to shut down its social media.)

So -- what happens when FC Cincinnati, hailing from the city that was the site of the original tragedy, comes to New York, the city that's full of some of the most obnoxious/clever people on the planet? Well, they play against the New York Red Bulls' USL side, New York Red Bulls II, at Red Bull Arena ... and fans cannot help but express their grief through an entire game's worth of Harambe chants and banter.

"We miss Harambe, we do."

"The 12 Days of Harambe."

For what it's worth, here's the final result of the game. NYRBII vanquished FC Cincy just like ... oh, you fill in the rest.