Pablo Mastroeni, ExtraTime Radio
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ExtraTime Radio: Pablo Mastroeni on the Colorado Rapids' new identity | Who is the next MLS reality TV star?

Big news for Gunners (and MLS fans) starts the show, along with Doyle’s burgeoning reputation as a “Crazy Cat Person.” Then the guys break down the New England-Vancouver trade that could have repercussions for Jermaine Jones and the rest of the Eastern Conference. Plus, jersey judgments, the Red Bulls’ replacement for Matt Miazga and a Brazilian No. 10 on trial in Philly.

It’s been a busy offseason in Colorado and Rapids head coach Pablo Mastroeni joins the show to talk about his offseason visits to Tottenham and Arsenal, the new identity and culture he hopes to build and what’s going on with the No. 1 spot in the allocation order.

Then, in the mailbag, Maroon 5 fever is alive and well, listeners contribute some “unique” four-v-four sides and spring training in Tucson gets put on the schedule for 2017.



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