David Villa faces off with Sergio Aguero in Round II of their NYCFC vs. Man City challenge | SIDELINE

This preseason, New York City FC’s David Villa went toe-to-toe in a series of skills competitions with Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero, with the Argentine Aguero edging out the NYCFC DP is a tight contest at Manchester City’s training facility.

Villa got a chance to even the series recently, when Aguero and Manchester City swung through New York during their North American tour. This time, the star duo got their teammates involved, with Villa tapping Mix Diskerud and Khiry Shelton for a series of mini-games against Aguero, Pablo Zabaleta and Martin DeMichelis.

The two trios faced off in soccer tennis, a target challenge and – our favorite – the big apple challenge. Team Aguero took the soccer tennis title, but NYCFC evened things up in the target contest, setting up the winner-take-all big apple challenge.

Wondering who won? We’re not giving it away that easy – you’ll have to watch the above video to find out.