VIDEO: Father surprises his twin boys, New England Revolution fans, with trip to 2014 MLS Cup | SIDELINE

"Surprise, you're going with me to MLS Cup" — the magic words of a father that made two seven-year-old boys' entire years.

Chris Gasbarro, a New England Revolution season ticket holder since 2007, had something up his sleeve when he booked his trip to Los Angeles for MLS Cup 2014. Two extra plane and game tickets' worth of something up his sleeve, in fact.

His twin boys knew — or, at least they thought they knew — that dad would be traveling alone to watch the Revolution in last week's championship game. But when the family arrived at the airport to see dad off, he sprang the surprise of all surprises.

Check out Gasbarro's MLS Cup surprise video above and try telling us that's not Father of the Year nominee worthy.

"Sensing the Revs were going to make a run, I actually booked hotel rooms in Seattle and LA and booked the airline tickets once LA was known," Gasbarro told by email on Monday. "My wife and I thought it would be fun to surprise them, so the cover story was that dad was going out for the finals by himself.

"So we didn’t tell them until we got to the airport to drop me off, and hopped the last flight out Saturday night to LA. We took the red-eye back on Sunday night and they had to go right to school after arriving at 5 am to Boston."