VIDEO: A.J. DeLaGarza's birthday prank from LA Galaxy teammates involved a dozen eggs | SIDELINE

Poor A.J. DeLaGarza. All the LA Galaxy defender wanted to do on Tuesday was celebrate his 27th birthday in peace, and not covered in the yolky contents of a dozen eggs, probably.

Perhaps that last bit never crossed DeLaGarza's mind as he woke on the day beginning his 28th year of life. If so, he severely underestimated his Galaxy teammates' willingness to take a prank to the extreme.

Following Tuesday's training session, DeLaGarza was subjected to the above prank involving roughly 10 teammates and one dozen eggs. 

Credit goes to Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano for the perfect DeLaGarza nickname: Egg.J. DeLaGarza.

DeLaGarza also spent his birthday ensuring the memory of a very special little boy, his late son Luca, lives with him forever.