VIDEO: What happens when Seattle Sounders' Clint Dempsey asks people about Clint Dempsey? | SIDELINE

Soccer has come a long way in the United States over the last handful of years.

Ask any MLS veteran from the early days — or, even the mid-to-late-2000s — of the league and they'll tell you, "These guys have it good," or "It wasn't like this when we played."

That said, it's still not quite "there" when no one on the streets of New York City can name the captain of the US national team, and one of the most visible faces during last summer's World Cup, Clint Dempsey of the Seattle Sounders, when he's standing right in front of them.

In town for the launch of MLS Next and FIFA 15 last week, Dempsey teamed up with ESPN to test the soccer IQ of some random NYC strangers (above video).

Let's just say, they didn't fare all that well. But at least they thought Dempsey played well at the World Cup, even though they had no idea who he was.