Four-star recruit Drake Davis chooses to play soccer over football in junior year of high school | SIDELINE

At one point or another, most multi-sport athletes are faced with a tough decision that requires them to focus their time and energy on one sport, and drop all the others.

They can either continue playing a sport that they potentially love more than all the others, or choose one that offers a chance at a free education or perhaps even a professional career down the road.

One high school recruit named Drake Davis has offers to play college football from the likes of Alabama, Florida State, LSU and Miami. But Drake has put those offers on the back burner and chosen to play soccer instead, according to

On the surface, that sounds like huge, potentially earth-shattering news.

But, once you realize that Davis is only a junior in high school this year, you begin to see an easy way back to the gridiron for the 6-foot-4, 215-pound wide receiver-turned-footballer from Fork Union, Virginia.

In fact, according to his mother, Davis still plans to play football during his senior year of high school.

It has often been said that "soccer will truly succed in the United States once the country's best athletes take up the sport," but it's certainly not that simple. Not even close, in fact.

A quick Google search for "Drake Davis soccer [minus Alabama]" returns little to nothing on Davis, the soccer player.

What kind of youth soccer background does he have? How frequently, or infrequently, does he play soccer these days? Two questions, and subsequent answers, which probably matter far more than, "He's an elite athlete and that's what we need."

In a Q&A with back in April, Davis said that he sees himself playing "most likely both basketball and football" at the next level, but went on to say, "I’m going to Spain for a Barcelona soccer camp, so I’ll have to see how that goes also.”

Regardless, we're sure Fork Union Military Academy's next boy's soccer game will set all sorts of records for attendance, intrigue and media coverage.

Hopefully Davis can play more than just a bit.