World Cup: Here are 17 reasons you should hate Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo this weekend

Cristiano Ronaldo. He's polarizing: You either love him or hate him.

But this weekend USMNT fans are only permitted one sentiment ahead of Sunday's epic Group G clash in Manaus (6 pm ET, ESPN): Be a patriot on Sunday and detest him with every ounce of your being. And here are 17 pretty good reasons to hate him:

1. BECAUSE HE'S A BOASTER: As if we didn't already know he has a supermodel girlfriend, he makes sure to remind you every time he can, including in commercials.

2. BECAUSE HE LITERALLY ADDS UP HIS OWN GOALS: He set a new Champions League record with 15 goals and just seemed to care waaaay too much.

3. BECAUSE OF HIS OBNOXIOUS CELEBRATIONS: The worst part of this one? It came in a friendly: i.e., a goal that DOES NOT MATTER.

4. BECAUSE HE'S OPENED HIS OWN MUSEUM: His gift to the world to make sure we never forget anything he's ever done since he was a little kid.

5. BECAUSE HIS DRIVING IS A MENACE TO SOCIETY: We don't want to know how fast he was going when he wrecked his Ferrari in 2009.

6. BECAUSE HE FLEXES FOR NO APPARENT REASON: A little too exuberant after scoring a penalty kick? That's just the start. Who does the leg flex any more?

7. BECAUSE HE POUTS: His most infamous one? When he lost the 2012 Golden Ball as best player in the world to – you guessed it – Lionel Messi.

8. BECAUSE HE FLOPS: It takes someone with special skills to trip themselves like this.

9. BECAUSE HE GOT HIS BUDDY KICKED OUT OF A GAME: Wayne Rooney was Ronaldo's best friend at the 2006 World Cup, except when Portugal faced England and he campaigned to get Rooney sent off (WATCH IT HERE).

And then he had to go top it off with a wink.

10. BECAUSE HE HARASSED A REF: That's not how you treat someone who has a whistle in their mouth.

11. BECAUSE HE HAS NO MANNERS: He feels the need to spread his legs really wide on every free kick.

12. BECAUSE NEVER FORGET PARIS: He was once romantically linked with Paris Hilton.

13. BECAUSE HE'S A COPYCAT: First he plays at Manchester United. Then he goes to Real Madrid. And then he launches an underwear line. Anything to be like David Beckham.

14. BECAUSE HE SHOWS UP OPPONENTS: There's no other reason to make a pass ... with your back. You don't see it here, but Atlético Madrid's Diego Reyes gets in his face.

15. BECAUSE EVERYONE'S JEALOUS OF HIM: That's what he thinks, at least – "I'm rich, handsome, a great player and people are envious of me." Right, Cristiano. (He later apologized).

16. BECAUSE EVEN SEPP BLATTER MOCKS HIM: You know you're really doing something bad when ole Sepp himself is making like a mime at Oxford University (WATCH IT HERE).

17. BECAUSE HE CAN DO THIS: Let's be honest. If he wasn't this good, we wouldn't care about him. Here's hoping he saves it for Ghana.