VIDEO: The new game-day anthem for USMNT fans at the World Cup and forever | SIDELINE

Who will win in Brazil? Make your picks!

From the same man who brought Real Salt Lake fans the club's official anthem, "Believe," comes your end-all, be-all anthem for the US national team at this month's World Cup in Brazil and beyond.

The name of the song is "We Stand United," and it was written by Rancid drummer and avid RSL, USMNT and soccer fan Branden Steineckert.

And why is "We Stand United" better than any of the other USMNT- or World Cup-related songs recently released, you ask? Because it's a song for you, the USMNT supporter and everyone else around you, to sing in the stadium before, during and after the match.

"Believe" has quite the eerie, haunting vibe to it when sung inside Rio Tinto Stadium — as well as Sporting Park last December during  MLS Cup. We can only hope that "We Stand United" takes off and is adopted in the same way.