Vancouver Whitecaps' Kenny Miller not confident deal will be done before contract expires in June

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Vancouver Whitecaps Designated Player Kenny Miller wants to stay in town, but he's not so sure a deal will get done.

With his contract up at the end of June, on Thursday the Scotsman made perhaps his most forward public calls for an extension while hinting he isn't feeling all that optimistic about his chances at continuing his time in Vancouver.

“No, we're not, to be honest,” Miller told TEAM 1040 radio Thursday morning when asked if both sides were talking about a deal. “I've had a relationship with the manager Carl [Robinson] for a long time now. We both played with each other 14 years ago back at Wolves. We've stayed friends all that time, and we've got a close relationship.

“We've kind of touched on a few things, but in terms of any kind of negotiating or talks about moving it forward at all, then no, we've not been talking.”

When asked if he felt confident about the two sides agreeing to an extension, Miller, perhaps a bit exasperated given the repeated questioning on the topic over the past couple of months, suggested given the lack of movement on a deal, it was difficult to be optimistic over a possible deal.

“To be honest, no, at the moment,” Miller said. “Because I know the way the MLS works. I've spoke about it with a few other players who, come the end of the season, there's that kind of period, that cooling off period, between when the season ends and decisions are made, whether they pick players options up or whether they extend deals and things, so I know how things work in MLS.

“But, for me, it's a strange situation to find yourself in when you've got – I'm pretty much sitting with just over two months left on my current contract. Anywhere else I've been, all my career to be honest, that's 17, 18 years I've been playing, anywhere else I've been, when you get to this stage, you've decided, 1) You're either moving on, and you're going to sign for someone else. Or, 2) You've at least been in discussions with the club.”

The 34-year-old went on to say he's not getting too caught up with the circumstances and understands things work a little differently in MLS.

As for the Whitecaps, despite the lack of talks, Robinson insists he'd like to keep Miller around if the parties can agree on the financial side of things.

“I'm in regular communication with Kenny, as I am with all my other players on a daily basis,” Robinson said following a training session at the University of British Columbia on Thursday. “Obviously, I know that it's coming to – I wouldn't say an end – I would say a close because his contract his up.

“A decision needs to be made, but as I say, the communication won't stop between me and Kenny and the club. We'll try to resolve it one way or the other.”

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