Buy, Sell, Hold: Must-haves to prep for massive double-game week in Round 10 | MLS Fantasy Advice

TRANSFER DEADLINE: Wednesday, 7:15 pm ET

You made it through the first double-game week of the 2014 season in Round 7. Now it's time to get ready for an even bigger week of MLS Fantasy in Round 8.

In preparation for future DGWs, we're doing another buy, sell, hold. However, this time the primary focus will be on how to set yourself up for Round 10 by playing the transfer market now.

There aren't any DGWs in Round 9, but the following week will be the biggest week of the season to date. Six different teams have a DGW, followed by rounds of two, four, three and four.

Now is the time to start planning ahead, so let's get to it...

  • BUY = Pick him up and play him this week.
  • HOLD = If you have him, play him. But don't use a transfer on him.
  • SELL = If you've got him, sell him. If you don't, now's not the time to buy.

Jason Saghini

Andrew Wiebe

Ben Jata

Yannick Djalo ($8.0m)

HOLD – Too early to know if he'll be a 180-minute player by Round 10 and his overall impact on the San Jose attack is tough to figure at this point. Wait and see.

HOLD – No reason to waste a valuable transfer on a player who could turn out to be an impact player for San Jose (either this week or in Round 10).

SELL – Has yet to play more than 45 minutes in a game and seems to be dealing with some nagging injuries. No thanks!

Wil Trapp ($6.0m)

HOLD – Love him in real life, but only "like" him when it comes to next few fantasy weeks. Tough game at SKC before DGW and current injury concern is keeping him from U-21 camp.

HOLD – If you've got him, stash him on the bench for the upcoming double. No, he won't stack up attacking points, but consistency and price make him a great reserve option.

SELL – Huge fan, but he's not involved in the attack enough to make my roster. Pick up Hector Jimenez and save yourself some cash.

Drew Moor ($7.0m)

BUY – Outside of SKC game, Rapids have been solid defensively and while San Jose visit may not be a guaranteed shutout, Buck Shaw tends to lead to decent defensive bonus numbers for CBs. 

SELL – Not a bad play by any means. But if you are going to jump on the Colorado backline (and I wouldn't do it until Round 10), your man should be the more budget-friendly Shane O'Neill.

HOLD – Nice DGW fixtures in Round 10, but it's sandwiched in between LA at home and RSL on the road. Matchups for Rounds 12-21 seem favorable, though.

Lamar Neagle ($7.4m)

HOLD – I don't think Neagle is a guaranteed 180-minute player in Round 10, so I'm not considering him a full "double value" type of player. 

BUY – You want to set yourself up for Round 10? He's the best Seattle player out there from a value perspective. No, he probably won't play 180, but he's started six of seven games.

HOLD – Played 90 minutes just once, but he's still got a goal or an assist in four different games so far. Four of their next five games are at home, so he's worth a shot.

Will Bruin ($8.4m)

BUY – Multiple DGWs make Bruin a popular target, but you know you're running the risk of a streaky player who needs to get started on one of those streaks.

BUY – Houston are swimming in DGWs, so this one is fairly obvious. The production has dropped off a bit, but Bruin will have plenty of chances to change that.

HOLD – With three DGWs and a game against Chivas USA coming up over the next five rounds, technically he's a "must-have." But I like Dom Dywer too.

Transfers lock at 7:15 pm ET on Wednesday, so be sure to have your captain selected before then. If you're not giving someone on either Houston or New York the armband, don't sweat it! Sit back and enjoy the game.

Do you agree with the picks above? Who's your captain for Round 8? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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