VIDEO: USMNT's Jurgen Klinsmann flies the helicopter himself to training each day | SIDELINE

Not content with his obviously very boring day job as head coach of the US national team, Jurgen Klinsmann needed an interesting way to spice up his daily routine — and skip the notoriously horrific LA traffic scene.

He doesn't take the normal civilian commute to the office each day. Instead, he's opted to fly a helicopter to and from work each day.

Because if you're going to get around town via helicopter, you might as well learn to fly the thing yourself and save a few bucks on a pilot, right?

"It really was just an idea I had three years ago, to fulfill a dream that I had as a little boy," Klinsmann says of learning to pilot the chopper himself. "It was my dream, but I unfortunately became a soccer player."

Yeah, that didn't work out very well for you at all, Jurgen.

Anyway, the USMNT are in Klinsmann's neck of the woods this week in Los Angeles, where he currently resides, finishing up another January training camp and taking on South Korea at StubHub Center on Saturday (5 pm ET, ESPN2/UniMas). Also back at it again, just like last year: Jurgen Klinsmann taking that helicopter to and from work each day.

Only this time, the folks from U.S. Soccer's video production team went along for the ride.

This is so cool that it has to be worth at least one free goal in the World Cup, right? We'll take it against Germany, please.