Matt Besler looking very happy because he won MLS Cup
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Sporting KC fans buy everything on Matt Besler's wedding registry list | SIDELINE

Win an MLS Cup for your team and city — let alone your hometown team — and you'll never buy another meal or drink in that town for as long as you live.

Or, as Sporting Kansas City defender Matt Besler learned on Thursday, never worry about your wedding registry being fulfilled in its entirety.

And Besler wasn't kidding. Registered at Crate & Barrel and Bed Bath & Beyond, those two lists are now about 95 percent fulfilled.

For any US national team fans out there anticipating the Yanks lifting the World Cup trophy next summer in Brazil, there's still a handful of items waiting for you, too.

Besler and his fiancé, Amanda, are set to be married this Saturday, December 14.

Note to self: Win an MLS Cup a week before getting married, then leak my registry on the Internet, just to be safe.