A side of Sir Alex Ferguson you've never seen in a conversation with Charlie Rose | SIDELINE

David Beckham, Abraham Lincoln's cabinet, the US Civil War, Tuscan vineyards and Roman Abramovich.

Everything you'd expect from an sit-down interview with recently retired Manchester United legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, right?

Well, this wasn't just any interview. Ferguson got the Charlie Rose treatment. So it was more like a conversation. And for that reason, it's must-watch.

For those of us accustomed over the years to seeing Sir Alex offer up his typical snippy, annoyed remarks to the press from weekend to weekend, the Charlie Rose interview puts SAF in a brand new light.

After all, who dares interrupt Sir Alex when he's making a point? Who has the gall of cutting Ferguson short mid-sentence? Charlie Rose, that's who.

If you're interested in SAF's philosophy, his political leanings, his honest take on his relationships with Beckham and Wayne Rooney, as well as his interests off the field -- his bucket list includes visiting Civil War battlefields -- you'll get it all in the video above.

And it's worth watching even only for the handful of instances when Rose can't quite make out Ferguson's thick Scottish accent, forcing him to repeat words just to be sure.

Even with all that, Rose still gets a "thank you Charlie, you were great" from the soccer legend when it's all done. As if the real star of the show was Rose.


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