New York Red Bulls star Thierry Henry features in The Photoshop Chronicles: "Henrying" | SIDELINE

Thierry Henry has scored a goal or two in his illustrious career — 400 goals, to be exact — so please excuse the Frenchman when he frequently acts like he's been here before and plays down the celebration and self-worship after bagging the routine goal.

That's exactly what he did last Saturday when he scored the New York Red Bulls' game-winning goal late in the first half against Toronto FC (video above). What he also inadvertently did, though, was the exact opposite.

His celebration, which has come to be known as "Henrying," has swept across the Internet and social media, thanks to our friends at KICKTV for getting it started, in the six days since he propped himself up with one hand against that goal post, crossed his feet and dropped his head like he couldn't be any less bothered to celebrate his goal.

"Henrying" isn't confined to these North American shores, either. TalkSport (the UK), L'Equipe (France) and Canchallena (Argentina) have also picked up on the meme and proliferated it in their countries as well.

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UPDATE: Henry has spoken about "Henrying." He said the following to on Friday:

"This morning [I was made aware]. The guys showed me some of the pictures. It's kind of funny at the end of the day. I have nothing behind the celebration. It's true. I just needed a rest. I stopped there, I saw the post, I stopped in Houston. I saw the post the other day, I was basically by it, so I stopped right there.

"Now everybody is doing stuff on internet with it, so I'm happy, pleased, it's funny."

The very best of Twitter's contributions to the "Henrying" craze:

The next step in the evolution of the meme is, of course, for people to start "Henrying" themselves in real life situations. These two guys are already one step ahead of the rest of you:

If you're going to do it, though, make sure you do it right. But don't worry, KICKTV has you covered. "Henrying," step by step:

Which great "Henrying" photos did we miss? What's your personal favorite? And can you top my personal favorites, Miley Cyrus and Space Jam? Let us know in the comments below.