MLS Fantasy: The Top 5 managers in FS:M had similar lineups in Week does your team compare?

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MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager Experts Jason Saghini and Andrew Wiebe reunited once again for another episode of Starting Lineup (above), answering the questions you submitted to @MLSFantasy. This week they discuss byes, double-game weeks, Landon Donovan's potential going forward and more. They also reveal the results from last week's poll regarding wildcards. Be sure to check it out before finalizing your transfers this week.

If you're still holding on to that coveted wildcard and plan to use it this week or the next, it's very important that you look a few weeks ahead before doing so. This week, nine teams have a bye. In Week 16, five teams have a bye and then three teams have a bye each week after that until Round 21.

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After 14 rounds, the leaders are starting to pull away from the pack so it's crucial that you capitalize on every opportunity possible going forward. If there's any week to catch up to the rest of the field, now is the time. PA Greene (The Wildcats) is the No.1 player in FS:M with 1,095 total points. Greene is averaging more than 78 points per game, so you'll have to put out a very solid team from week to week if you hope to catch up. Here are the Top 5 fantasy managers in the game right now:

  1. PA Greene (The Wildcats) - 1,095 points
  2. S F Wray (BSC) - 1,093 points
  3. M Wray (Don't Foul Me) - 1,086 points
  4. Brian Cullimore (NEVER CAPTAIN OLAVE) - 1,048 points
  5. Richard Matthew (Damaged Goods) - 1,040 points

Think you have what it takes to catch them? If you're going to try, it's worth taking a look at how they lineup from week to week. Below are a list of MLS players who all started for one team or another in Week 14. You'll notice that most of them have quite a few of the same guys on their team. The important thing to take away from this is their core group of players. The first eight players listed are owned by at least four of top managers in the game. Scroll through the table below and take a few notes. Find anything you haven't seen yet?

Do you have what it takes to make a run up the leaderboard? Share your thoughts below.

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