Despite latest loss to Colorado Rapids, Chivas USA remain optimistic: "The situation is difficult now, but we're getting better"

For the second consecutive week, a better effort was simply not good enough for outmatched Chivas USA.

The Goats weren’t necessarily overwhelmed like they have been during the current seven-game winless streak, but they once again lacked a finishing touch, falling 2-0 against the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night. It was their sixth loss in seven matches.

The Rojiblancos were outscored 13-1 in May.


“We were better,” forward José Manuel Rivera told “It’s gotten complicated because this is a different team with new players, but we’re improving. What we need to do is keep working and learning from our mistakes. After the first few minutes, we get a better feel for the game.

“We’ve also got to be conscious that there’s plenty of time in the season. We’ve still got time to make a push. We have the team to compete and generate points.”

Chivas USA conceded a goal in the 11th minute when Atiba Harris sneaked his way through the middle on a cross. The defensive letdown was reminiscent of recent showings by the backline. Goalkeeper Dan Kennedy has yet to record a shutout this season.

Colorado had a 13-5 advantage in attempts on goal, an eye-opening statistic given that the Rojiblancos won the possession battle 57.5 percent to 42.5, and had a passing efficiency of nearly 80 percent.

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“It’s one of those stretches that you look back in your career and remember,” defender Bobby Burling told reporters. “It hurts. It’s not the first time it happens and it’s not the last time it will happen, but it’s definitely a tough stretch. The meetings we have, it’s only the people in the locker room that can change it. It’s us together and we’re trying to push forward in this thing as much as the next person.”

Chivas USA’s struggles began with a 1-0 home loss April 13 to Colorado. The Goats have scored five goals in six road matches, but four of those came March 24 in a 4-1 victory in Chicago.

They haven’t scored in a road match in two months.

“We’ve had a more unified approach,” Rivera said. “We’re doing the work but it’s difficult as visitors. It’s tough to have more possession than the home team and tough to be more efficient with passing. In the first six weeks we created our own luck, but luck also arrives spontaneously. I know it’s going to show up for us. The situation is difficult now, but we’re getting better.”