Chicago Fire FC's Jonathan Bornstein eager to work with "great soccer mind" Raphael Wicky

Jonathan Bornstein - Chicago Fire FC - closeup, anthem

As Chicago Fire FC attempt to build a new brand and identity on the shores of Lake Michigan, another departed one from MLS’s past provides a link between their new head coach and their most experienced player.

Raphael Wicky and Jonathan Bornstein were teammates at Chivas USA during Wicky’s brief stint with that club at the tail end of his playing career in 2008. Their interactions as Goats gives Bornstein optimism about the prospects of success in Chicago.

“He’s just a great soccer mind,” Bornstein told the Chicago Sun-Times as Fire FC gathered for the start of preseason training this weekend. “Obviously, a lot of great players transition into coaching because they’ve done it their whole lives. That’s what they love.

“When they named him to be coming to us, I was extremely excited,” he added. “Meeting him, he’s an amazing person. He’s very easy to talk to. With his trajectory, you could be as stuck-up and as pompous as you wanted to, but he definitely is not like that. He came off as very humble.”

Why does Bornstein believe Wicky will be “a great change” for the Windy City club? Read the full story here.