New York City FC matches televised on YES Network? Yankees ownership stake will bring synergies

One of the most intriguing aspects of Tuesday's MLS expansion announcement unveiling New York City FC as the league's 20th team is the involvement of baseball's New York Yankees.

As minority owners alongside English Premier League giants Manchester City, the Yankees will be aiming to leverage their resources to help NYCFC become an MLS force. And that could very well include the baseball team's YES Network and Yankee Stadium.

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"I think there's going to be a lot of synergies," Yankees president Randy Levine said in a Tuesday media teleconference call. "Obviously, we're here [in New York] and we have a network. We haven't even gotten into it, but maybe New York City Football Club is on the YES network.

"We know how to operate a franchise in this area. We know how to market and gain sponsors. I'm sure there'll be an opportunity between Manchester City sponsors to possibly do some cross-pollination. I think it's great."

The YES Network will be televising Wednesday's press conference formally unveiling the club live at 10 am ET. Media personality Michael Kay will host the coverage on-site.

Levine also confirmed that Yankee Stadium "is a possibility" when it comes to a temporary home for NYCFC ahead of their first season in MLS in 2015.

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But why would a professional baseball team go out of its way to invest in soccer, seen by many to be a direct competitor of baseball's?

"Because I think that we look at good opportunities and we look at wise investments and I think this is a very solid opportunity and a very wise investment," Levine replied to the question.

"And we feel very secure that the New York Yankees will always be successful and will always be championship-caliber," continued Levine. "And we're not insecure about it. We think we can bring that same passion that Manchester City has at winning to do it well in both sports."