MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager 2013

MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager 2013 launches; win a trip to 2014 All-Star Game

The new Major League Soccer season is still just over a month away, but, come on, you know you've got the itch already. You've been jonesin' for a fix since the moment the final whistle blew to end the MLS Cup last December. 

Well, today's your lucky day. Because MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager is back.

So it's time to call your friends, make a league, and pick your team. The winner of your league gets bragging rights, of course, but the winner of the overall league will win much, much more: A trip for two to the 2014 MLS All-Star Game. (Terms and conditions apply.)

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What is MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager?

MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager is a traditional salary cap game. Basically, you've got $100 million to spend on players. You can pick any player in MLS to be on your team.

There are lots of decisions to make, of course. Should you play a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3? Should you go for several high-priced stars and fill in the rest of the roster with low-priced player who might not get a lot of points? Or should you take a more balanced approach? These are just a few of the strategy questions you'll need to answer.  

You can set up leagues with your friends. Each league member can pick any MLS player to be on his/her team.

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What's new this year?

This year's edition of FS:M is full of new features. Here are a few:

  • Transfers roll over, giving you more flexibility to manage your team.
  • Manager Substitutions, update your team during the week, make sure you optimize your points.
  • A second wildcard is available for the summer transfer window.
  • Users can now login through Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft. They can also create an MLSsoccer account.

One of the most notable adjustements to the FS:M rules this year, however, revolves around the substitution policy. In 2013, managers are able to make mid-round substitutions. That means that after the completion of MLS matches on any given day, players can adjust their lineups before the MLS matches taking place the next day, though there are some rules that apply.Managers will also be able to change their captains under the same rules.

In addition, the transfer system has been tweaked. Transfers will now roll over, giving managers more opportunity to improve their rosters over time. Plus, managers will have a second wildcard available for the summer transfer window.

Y tambien...This year, you can also play FS:M in Spanish.

Stay connected with @MLSFantasy

This year, you can get the best FS:M advice and answers to any of your questions via the MLS fantasy Twitter handle: @MLSFantasy.

All in all, it makes for the best MLS fantasy game available. 

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