El Chelis states his draft intentions: Mexican-Americans

The worst-kept secret in the days leading up to the MLS SuperDraft next Thursday is what Chivas USA want to do with that second overall pick.

And if there was any ambiguity as to what new head coach "El Chelis" Sola will do with his first-ever shot at the draft, he pretty much put that to rest on his Twitter account on Friday from the first day of the MLS Combine in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

It looks like he's doing a couple of things with this one. He's clearly tipping his hand about his intentions  to snag North Carolina midfielder Mikey Lopez or Connecticut's Carlos Alvarez, two talented prospects and the best Mexican-American players in the draft. Alvarez, in fact, fits the bill nicely with an East LA background and a father who once played for Chivas Guadalajara.

But is he also hinting that one day these guys might play for the Goats' Mexican brother down in Guadalajara? It certainly sounds like it (we'll assume Maeve is a misspell or translation snafu for "maybe'), which means Chelis might have visions of turning his players into Mexican leaue prospects for the future. It's about to get real, real interesting at Chivas USA.