Fantasy Spotlight: Montero, Seattle Sounders
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Fantasy Spotlight: Is Montero the streakiest player in MLS?

The Seattle Sounders suffered a setback over the weekend at the hands of Real Salt Lake, but early results show that Sigi Schmid has his team focused on the top spot in the West. With the Supporters’ Shield in sight, we catch up with Seattle Sounders FC beat writer Jeremiah Oshan for his thoughts on Fredy Montero, Mauro Rosales, the defensive effort and goalkeeper Bryan Meredith.


Fantasy Spotlight: Is Fredy Montero ready to go on another tear? Is it fair to say he's the streakiest player in the league?

Top 5 Sounders

Player Pos Price Points
Estrada F $7.0m 46
Parke D $6.8m 41
Alonso M $8.0m 40
Scott D $5.6m 39
Montero F $11.3m 37

Oshan: He does seem poised for another tear and does seem particularly streaky. The good thing is that you can basically put him down for 12 to 15 goals and never really worry about straying from that path. The problem is that it's hard to know when they'll come, because they'll most likely be in one or two big bursts.

FS: How is Mauro Rosales' health? Can he be depended on to start every match and play 60-70 minutes?

Oshan: He's hurt, there's no question. But he's taken some hard tackles in each of the games he's played and keeps getting up. He's surely capable of 60-70 minutes. The question is when is he capable of giving more? For my money, I'll say that comes after the upcoming two-week break for international competitions.

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FS: What have you seen on the defensive end? It seems to be a rotating cast back there, but the results are consistently good. Who is the one Seattle defender you would recommend to fantasy owners?

Oshan: I think Adam Johansson will eventually be the steadiest and most reliable defensive player, just because he's the only one who's always going to start if he's healthy. The added bonus with him is that, at some point, he's going to start picking up some assists. He's too good of a crosser for those to not start leading to goals.

FS: What's the latest on the goalkeeping situation? Should bargain hunters be looking at Bryan Meredith?

Oshan: Put on the spot, I think Meredith has at least one more start in him. I'm convinced he's the real deal, but he's not going to win the job over Michael Gspurning, who should be back in the next game or two. He's probably worth stashing on your bench if you have the luxury of waiting, but I doubt he'll be racking up points two weeks from now.