No World Cup? There's always Copa America

Consensus is that the US was robbed of the 2022 World Cup. Well, here comes the next best thing. And it even comes six years earlier!

The president of the Ecuadorean soccer federation, whose brother is on the CONMEBOL executive committee, told Mexican media that the USA is a potential candidate to host the 2016 Copa América in celebration of the South American confederation's 100-year anniversary.

"We are going to have the opening so that it's not held in one of the 10 countries of South America. It could be Mexico and it could be the United States as well," said Luis Chiriboga.

Chiriboga noted that the special edition of the 2016 Copa América would feature 16 teams: 10 from South America and six from CONCACAF. Apparently there would be a qualification process to determine the six CONCACAF nations.

Four groups of four teams with Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the USA in separate groups? Fans will flock.

If US fans thought that was big news, the Ecuadorean chief also mentioned that the US would likely get an inivitation to participate in the 2015 Copa América in Brazil.

"I have no doubt that the obstacles [in CONCACAF] are being overcome," said Chiriboga. "Mexico's invitation has never been in question. Of the two teams we invite, one is Mexico and the other could be the United States or Japan."

Imagine this schedule for the USMNT: 2014 World Cup in Brazil, 2015 Copa América in Brazil and the 2016 Copa América on US soil. Something tells me Jurgen Klinsmann is not the type to decline these kind of invites.