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SuperDraft 2012 by the numbers

Major League Soccer welcomed 38 new players into its fold on Thursday. Now it's your job to get to know them.

Who are these players? What positions do they play? Where do they come from? To help answer some of these questions and more, has compiled a handy list of numbers for you to better know the 2012 MLS SuperDraftees.

  • The 38 draftees hailed from eight different countries: Jamaica, England, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada and the United States
  • 19 different states were represented in the draft, as well as one province: Ontario
    • Texas, Illinois and Indiana led the way with three players apiece
    • Despite having about 36 million more people, the state of California had exactly the same number of players drafted as the state of Nebraska: 1
  • Two schools produced four players: Creighton and Louisville.
    • Maryland (three national titles) produced just one draftee, the same number as Spartanburg Methodist College, a small junior college in South Carolina
  • Positional breakdowns: two goalkeepers, 12 defenders, 14 midfielders, nine forwards and one defender/forward (Andrew Wenger, MTL)
    • Average height and weight
      • Goalkeepers: 6-foot-4, 190 lbs.
      • Defenders: 6-foot, 171 lbs.
      • Midfielders: 5-foot-11, 163 lbs.
      • Forwards: 5-foot-11, 169 lbs.
      • The tallest players selected were goalkeepers Ryan Meara (NY) and Chris Blais (SJ) at 6-foot-4; the tallest field player was 6-foot-3 striker Babayele Sodade (SEA)
      • The shortest player selected was UNC midfielder Enzo Martinez (RSL), standing at 5-foot-7
      • At 205 pounds, defender Andrew Jean-Baptiste (POR) was the heaviest player drafted, outweighed the rest by at least 10 pounds; Martinez was the lightest at 145
  • The average age of players in the draft was 20.71 years old; 20 players aged 21 were selected
    • Oldest: Lucky Mkosana (CHI), 24
    • Youngest: Tyler Polak (NE) and Jean-Baptiste, 19