's Best of 2010 awards will begin Monday, Dec. 13.
Getty Images to reveal Best of 2010 awards

What kind of website would we be without some end-of-year lists?

Beginning on Monday, Dec. 13, and FutbolMLS will roll out the first of 21 Best of 2010 awards, as voted on by our editorial staff. You’ll get to see what we thought were some of the best plays, stars, matches and performances of the year, all leading up to the announcement of our Moment of the Year on Sunday, Jan. 2.

Some of the categories include Controversy of the Year, MLS Breakout Star of the Year, American Export of the Year, Broadcast Call of the Year and, to start things off with a bang, the Game of the Year from 2010.

Make sure to check back with beginning Monday as we begin to roll out the awards, and stay tuned to the site as we look back at the best 2010 had to offer.