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United Nations Soccer League benefits from Socio MLS

LOS ANGELES – Socio MLS & Degree Men kicked off its youth inaugural day at North Hollywood’s Whitsett Park in an effort to register United Nations Soccer League coaches and players for the program.

Socio MLS is working with Degree Men, Castrol, adidas, and local MLS Clubs to provide the league its most fundamental needs including new soccer balls, referee uniforms, certification programs for league coaches and referees, and MLS player development opportunities through Socio MLS Youth Scouting Days.

The event also served as a match day for the league. Socio MLS & adidas provided an official game ball for each match, and Socio MLS/Degree Men uniforms for every United Nations League referees.

After each match, players, coaches, parents and league administrators were given an opportunity to register for the program. Tents were crowded as each new member was given an adidas t-shirt, membership card, Socio MLS Badge, Degree Men samples and a Castrol synch bag.

League President Marco Carballo, expressed his excitement over the event, mentioning his happiness with coaches, referees and team parents for their positive attitude and eagerness to register with Socio MLS. Carballo went on to praise the program itself.

"I thank Socio MLS for simply taking us into consideration, it shows how worthy this league is to the community," Carballo said.

Carballo put special emphasis on the positive impact a program like Socio MLS will have on league players' lives, adding that it will also help the community’s effort to keep youth off the streets.

"It benefits us in many ways, but more importantly I feel it motivates our players, coaching staff and everyone involved in our league and in the end it helps keep our children off the streets and in a positive environment that will eventually help them in their future."

United Nations League referee Eduardo Delgadillo is a one year registered member of Socio MLS and has experienced the benefits of the program first hand, attending various clinics and certification programs to better his judgment and knowledge of the game.

Delgadillo was delighted to see Socio MLS continuing their efforts in 2010 and claimed, "They have gone the extra mile for us and in the long run it will have a great affect on all of these teams and players."

United Nations League coach Rito Saucedo of los Leones Negros agreed with Delgadillo. Saucedo also wondered whether Socio MLS Youth Scouting Days would someday make him a former coach of the next big MLS star.

"I've been coaching for twelve years now and I’m glad Socio MLS is showing interest in league like ours - it makes our league feel important and who knows, the next big star of Chivas USA or LA Galaxy might be one of our players and that possibility really motivates us."

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