'Kinnear's Conversation' makes debut

you'd like to get him on the ball more because he's such a good player, but I was pleased with his first game in over a month.

Mark from Scarborough, Ontario: What are your expectations of Dwayne De Rosario and Adrian Serioux this season?

D.K.: I think Dwayne, he set a good standard last year. His goals, his ambitions, are to replicate that season, if not be better. And that's the expectation from the coaching staff, as well. And Adrian, he's looked at to be a center back and sometimes a central midfielder. He's a very good player on the ball and physically a good athlete. Also, at home and sometimes on the road, we can use his throw-in as a weapon or to release pressure. So I expect good things from both of them this year.

Jeremy from Houston: What do you think of the turnout so far in Houston?

D.K.: It's been excellent. I can't say enough about not only the numbers that have shown up, but how vocal they have been. I think it's a very knowledgeable crowd, and I think you sense that by the way they react to certain situations during the game. It's a good atmosphere. I think the people do enjoy going to the games. I think during our two home games, the team's played extremely well; we were unfortunate not to give them two wins. But we couldn't have asked for anything better than the two crowds we've had. We want that to continue; I think it gives us good energy and inspires us to try and play as well as we can for them.

Eric from Houston: As a native of Houston, I was curious just how much of a factor the weather is playing (or will play) on the team. Houston can be pretty hot come summer; is it possible for the team to use the heat to their advantage?

D.K.: You hope so because we're going to be in this every day. Obviously, extreme heat can be hard to get adjusted to, so on some days it's hot for both teams. Some teams coming from cooler climates may suffer, so we want to use that as an advantage, but we hope that we can practice in this heat and get used to it so come July and August when it's really, really warm, that we're the team that seems to be mentally breaking through the heat barrier.

What specific threats do you think Real Salt Lake will pose this weekend? How will you counteract them?

D.K.: As far as Salt Lake goes, Jason Kreis is coming back from injury and Jeff Cunningham is a very dangerous player. The acquisition of Chris Klein gives them good wide play, and Andy Williams -- on any given day -- is a dangerous player. Also, on set pieces you have people like Douglas Sequeira and Eddie Pope attacking the ball, so those are the main things that we see. Our most important thing is to try and keep them away from our goal as far as we can, put them under pressure, try and create mistakes in their half and try to take advantage of those mistakes, as well.

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