Quotes: Galaxy 3, Burn 1


On the game:
"I think we need to look at the way the game went with us giving up an early goal again, which is a habit we need to get out of. We played reasonably well. Obviously, the last 20 minutes of the second half we were a bit bunkered in with Tyrone Marshall going down with an injury and Ricky Lewis cramping up. We were really stretching ourselves pretty thin. Today showed the depth of our team, which has really shone through in these early games. I really think our last two games we have played more good soccer than bad."

On Jovan Kirovski:
"It was great to see Jovan get a couple of goals. For Jovan and his confidence, these are important goals. He is now six games into the season and is now starting to catch a rhythm and the instincts that you always need as a forward are starting to come back to him. He is really starting to catch his stride so it was great for him to get these goals today."

On Carlos Ruiz's goal:
"It was just a super effort. He had one breakaway a little bit before that was actually easier, so he scored the harder one. It was a goal of mental strength, fortitude and determination, but that's what Carlos is all about and it is why he scores more goals than anyone else in this league."


On his two-goal performance:
"I'm really happy and that's the main thing. I think it shows on the field. Early on I had a few chances, hit the crossbar and the 'keeper made a good save. I thought it wasn't going to be my day but the chances kept coming and I was fortunate to convert two."

"Today was a tiring game. I thought we did a good job and never lost our concentration, which was important. It was a great team effort. In the second half we played our best and were able to score three goals, but the most important thing was to get the win on the road."


On the game:
"We didn't move the ball well first half, didn't move it quick enough. Our passing wasn't sharp or accurate enough so we ended up giving possession up a bit too much. Then you end up chasing and it was a hot day so that takes its toll. There were other times were we passed it very well, particularly toward the end when we were chasing the game a little bit. There was some good movement and some good stuff but it just wouldn't fall for us in the box."

On Jovan Kirovski's game-winning goal:
"He certainly had a lot of room in front of our goal. So one of the two center backs was certainly at fault there. They took a quick free kick and we just didn't react to it well."


On the game:
"There wasn't enough enthusiasm throughout the whole team. We started out strong and then it just seemed to die out. We came out flat in the second half and we paid for it. They had a lot more chances and they came out and scored three goals."

On his groin injury:
"My groin just started getting a little tight on me. I was just trying to be smart about the situation and not pull it more. I felt a little nag on it so it didn't make sense to go the full 90 (minutes) and strain it any more. I should be alright."


On the game:
"I don't know if fatigue was setting in or what but at moments we were just kind of asleep at the wheel. We were giving them too much space to take advantage of and they were taking advantage of it. But on the other end of things, we moved the ball fairly well but we were not sharp enough in the final third to create anything definitive."

On the heat:
"There were two teams on the field playing in the same conditions and they were the ones that took advantage in the second half and they were certainly doing a better job of getting forward. I thought we had a lot of the ball, a lot of the play but, like I said, it was just lacking in the final third."

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