Curtin call: Getting to know you

the fans.

After all, for the most part the players are just pretty much normal, down to earth guys. Not too arrogant to sign an autograph, and not too wealthy to be bothered. Nor are they in the midst of any steroid or legal troubles.

The bottom line is that soccer is gaining momentum, slowly but surely. The new stadiums will add permanence, and for God's sake, hockey is on a decline. I love my Flyers, but Game 5, which saw them going up against the Maple Leafs, drew half as many viewers as billiards and the World's Strongest Man competition re-runs on ESPN. It was a good week for the Fire on and off the field.

Now on a lighter note, some random thoughts:

Has anyone in the history of eating ever actually eaten a meal at one of those Rainforest Cafés? Those places scare me to death. I guess my idea of a meal does not include trees, reptiles and various electronic mammals crawling around. I'd even eat at Arby's before that place.

I saw a Fox News profile story titled "Escalators- Convenience or Killers?" Don't even need to say much on this one, but last I checked there were a few more dangerous things going on in the world. If I die on an escalator, don't come to my funeral.

I think the smaller sized bed referred to as a full or double should more accurately be named a prince. You figure it out.

Why did I ever watch "Mama's Family"? Bubba was an idiot. I watched it religiously and it related to me in no way, shape or form. I won't even start on "227."

This week's three people that I would not mind sending to an island, never to be seen again are: Andy Dick, William Hung (talent-less American Idol guy), and Celine Dion (again).

Thanks for your time,

Jim Curtin

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