Alexi Lalas conference call quotes

Lalas, on the honor of getting to work in MLS:
"To be able to build not only the Earthquakes, but also this league is a tremendous honor. And to be associated now with the organization that is so crucial to the future of our sport and our league, is another honor. But I don't take it lightly. One of the wonderful things that I've had these last couple of years is an incredible staff that has brought professionalism and a work ethic that any club would be proud to have."

Lalas, on the Earthquakes team and staff:
"My one regret is that I am not able to bring many of my staff, many of my team, and a lot of the fans with me because I have been to exposed to an element of the game that, as a player, you're really kind of insulated to and with good reason because what you do on the field is so important. But what I've been exposed to are people that are as important to this game as any of us that ever kicked the ball. They work tirelessly every single day. I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. I believe that the time that I have had here has been successful. The less than ideal circumstances that we have had to work under, and many people here have worked much longer than I have, is incredible. And yet they have done it with a professionalism that, as far as I'm concerned, any team in the league would love to have many of these people. So I believe that my time here has been well spent. It's been an incredible education and a perspective. I have made tremendous friends within the soccer community, within the business community. And I'm going to miss them."

Lalas, on the Earthquakes current and future success:
"I'm leaving this organization in wonderful hands. Kate has been in this position before. She understands so much of the history and the business of this organization. Obviously, Dom will play a much greater role. But, I still believe and fully expect to have this Earthquakes team and organization do some incredible stuff. I would love nothing more than to have a MetroStars-Earthquakes final in Dallas later on this year. They are going to continue to have success. I'm so proud that we were able to make a tremendous amount of changes, many of them not by our own making, and still come out with the competitive and ultimately, I feel it is going to be, a successful Earthquakes team that lives up to the standards that a lot of people here expect.

Lalas, on his experience in and influence on MLS:
"As far as imaging where my life and career has gone, this has all been a wonderful adventure. And as I've said before, I've tried to milk it on and off the field. But most importantly, I've enjoyed every single second. And I'm enjoying it right now in San Jose and I enjoy the challenge coming up here going to New York. It is all about a game I truly believe in, because I believe it has a future as a sport and a business. Many, many years from now when I'm old and grow, I want to look back and be able to say that I left something, on and off the field, and be proud of that. Something that's not only going to last the time that I'm involved with these organizations, but well beyond my lifetime. It's important to me."

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